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Complete a bundle!

We offer different kinds of product bundles, which is great. BUT we also offer existing customers the possibility to complete a bundle - already owned products will be credited. This is a rare feature that we are really proud of! So if you already own a product that is part of a bundle, you can log in to your account and get the missing products for an even more reduced price.

Posted 2019-05-28 

Kleverb- an overview

Kleverb is a high quality algorithmic reverb effect. It is suitable in any context; all from acoustic jazz to EDM. Take a look at this brief overview and read more here:

Posted 2019-04-17 

Get FreeAMP for free!

Sign up for a free Klevgrand account, and get the new plug-in FreeAMP for free! It is based on our very popular plug-in REAMP, only with most of the options stripped out. Don't be fooled by its simple looks, though. It is awesome.

Posted 2019-03-12 


An online cassette deck emulation experiment. Load your own music directly in your browser and emulate away!

Check it out here!

For internet-haters - a plug-in version (DAW Cassette) is also available for macOS/Windows/iPad (AU/VST/AAX/AUv3).

Posted 2019-03-11 

Instrument odysse

OK, our synth names are sometimes really hard to pronounce. Baervaag, Syndt, Enkl, Jussi... Luckily, you don't need to pronounce everything you like!

Posted 2019-03-09 

Let Gaffel make your life flexible as hell = FLEXIHELL

Put a fork in it! Gaffel features a unique multitrack approach to extend the functionality of any DAW.

Also, the trailer is interesting as hell. Interhell.

Posted 2019-02-14 

No more noisy kitchens

Background noise can be fatal for your creativity! You may find your creative flow at the strangest locations, so don't let the fridge noise kill that flow. Let Brusfri kill the noise instead! This step-by-oh-we're-done tutorial shows how easy it can be.

Posted 2019-01-25 

DawGames - Not useful for anything.

Three little games that you can run directly in your DAW as a plug-in. Two of the games also takes the incoming audio, analyzes it, and generates the game level that you play in.

Highly addictive! Available if you sign up for a Klevgrand account.

Posted 2019-01-24 

Noisy mobile recordings? Use Brusfri for iOS

For interviews, podcasts or mobile recordings in noisy surroundings, Brusfri comes to the rescue. On iOS is both a AUv3 plug-in (runs within a host DAW), but also a standalone app where you can clean up your audio file. We use it all the time when talking fake French in a café.

Posted 2018-01-25 

Till Havs

Jussi in all his glory. - A golden throat sings a classic.

The man, the myth, the legend. The clumsy visuals.

Posted 2016-09-19